Our Solution

Are you familiar with hollow fiber filters? They are an opportunity for you and for millions of people who don’t have access to safe drinking water.

We distribute hollow fiber filters.

These filters make water potable efficiently, easily, and instantly.

Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental right, however, we are in the middle of an authentic Water Crisis. In The Social Water, we distribute hollow fiber filters so that everyone can have access to safe drinking water. It is as easy as scrolling down and begin filtering water!

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Before Image After Image

These are their main characteristics:

They instantly eliminate 99.99% of all bacterias, impurities, and microplastics that water can have.

Its useful life is about 5,000 liters and it requires no additional products for its maintenance or cleaning. A system of backwashing is incorporated to extend its useful life.

Portable, small, and easily installed.

For adventure lovers.

You can drink water directly from rivers, rainfall, and even puddles while traveling or doing sports.


To take care of the planet.

It reduces plastic bottle use. The planet will appreciate it.


For communities without access to safe drinking water.

Access to clean water, improve health and hygiene and save time and money in rural communities.

Together we can put the filters within reach of many people.

Our mission is to put the filters within reach of all people, especially families, schools, and communities who are affected by The Water Crisis. To finance our impact projects (and not depend on subsidies and donations), we sell our filters through our online store and collaborate with other NGOs, companies, public institutions, and educational centers across Spain.

100% of the profits generated by the purchase of your filter are used to execute impact projects, which you can learn more about here.

Innovation and development

Our online store allows us to finance projects focused on access to clean drinking water for those who need it the most. However, we don’t just limit ourselves to delivering filters. We are committed to the families that are affected by the Water Crisis. For this reason, we do all that is possible so that the daily chore of collecting water be as decent as possible.

Furthermore, in accordance with our social responsibility policy, we always choose materials that respect the environment and we will continue moving forward to opt for the most sustainable alternatives.

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