Kit for bucket installation [accesorio del filtro multiusos]

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This kit contains: hose (a 60cm tube), clamp, metal hook, connector, and drill bit. The elements of this kit, plus the multipurpose filter and a bucket, will allow you to easily set up a permanent drinking water station where several people can serve themselves clean and safe water. It is as easy as filling a bucket with untreated water and, with the elements of the kit, connect the multipurpose filter, which will remove 99.99% of bacteria, impurities, and 100% of microplastics that the water may have. Once this filter is installed in the bucket, filtered water can be poured into several different containers.

It is ideal for areas with difficult access to drinking water where many people are present, for example in rural communities, families, or where emergency assistance is needed.

The cube installation kit contains:

  • Hose (a 60 cm tube)
  • Clamp
  • Metal hook
  • Connector
  • Drill bit

This kit is an accessory of the multipurpose filter. It contains all the necessary elements to easily set up a permanent station for drinking water.


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