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This bottle contains a four-phase filter that traps 99.99% of bacteria, impurities, and 100% of the microplastics water may contain. The useful life of the bottle is 1,500 liters and it is possible to renew it to lengthen the useful life of the bottle. Included accessories are: strap, snap hook, and compass.

It is an essential accessory for adventure lovers, trips, and outdoor sports.

It allows you to drink directly from collected rainwater, rivers, streams, puddles, or any other source of fresh water thanks to the safe elimination of bacterias and protozoa. It is perfect for areas where access to clean drinking water is difficult, but also for your daily activities so as to reduce the use of plastic bottles thanks to its most notable characteristics:

  • Instantly: it filters water instantly, no waiting.
  • Efficient: it eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria, impurities, and microplastics.
  • All-terrain: small, portable, no installation necessary, and easy to use.
  • Long-lasting: its useful life is 1,500 liters, but the filter is replaceable (the bottle could last you your entire life).

By purchasing this product you collaborate directly so that families, schools, and communities gain access to clean drinking water. (Or, equally, you become a Water Hero).

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Reusable 650 ml bottle, with replaceable four-phase filter:

1. Hollow fiber UF membrane that traps bacteria, parasites, chemicals, and micropalstics.
2. Carbon-activated which improves the taste of the water, reduces chlorine, and eliminates certain viruses and heavy metals from the water.
3. Antibacterial microspheres.
4. Polypropylene cotton.

This filter, which measures 0.01 microns (minimum), can trap any particle that is larger than 0.01 microns. It physically eliminates 99,9999% of all bacterias, such as salmonella, cholera, and E. coli. And it eliminates 99.9% of all protozoa, giardia, and cryptosporidium With a flow capacity of 550ml per minute, its useful life is 1,500 liters. Cleaning only requires a simple manual backwash with clean water (as demonstrated in the video). When the flow of water begins to decrease it indicates that it is time to replace the filter (and for this reason the filter is detachable).

This bottle is manufactured with Tritan which is BPA-free (the best plastic for food storage), with a leak-preventing cap and foldable, durable straw which can also be unassembled to facilitate cleaning.

Included accessories are: strap, snap hook, and compass.

Instructions on how to use:
1. Fill the bottle from any source of freshwater (river, stream, even a puddle).
2. Screw the leak-proof cap on the bottle.
3. Sip from the straw in order to get safe and clean drinking water.

Additional information

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 70 × 230 mm

Black, Blue, Purple

3 reviews for Bottle with filter

  1. Estefanía

    Estoy encantada con la botella con filtro! La estrene bebiendo agua de un lago y es una pasada como filtra el agua, sabía riquísima. Es un imprescindible para viajes o incluso para el día a día. 100% recomendable.

    • Gloria

      Gracias Estefanía 🙂 nos encanta saber que además de haber aportado tu gota al proyecto, te resulta útil la botella con filtro. Que la sigas disfrutando!

  2. Tony

    Es estupenda. La he usado para el gimnasio y ya no tengo que comprar los filtros que usaba hasta ahora que duraban mucho menos y eran más engorrosos. Y saber que el beneficio es para personas sin agua potable, la hace aún mejor. Enhorabuena

    • Gloria

      Hola Tony. Una de las ventajas de nuestros filtros es su duración, efectivamente. Muchas gracias por creer en este proyecto 🙂

  3. Oscar

    Es más práctica de lo que pensaba, no pesa nada y la llevo conmigo a todas partes. De momento me parece un producto de mucha calidad en todos los sentidos, lo recomiendo.

    • Gloria

      Nos alegra que valores la calidad. Intentamos cuidar todos los detalles y la calidad es imprescindible para todo lo que hacemos. Muchas gracias y que te siga acompañando tu botella a todas partes 🙂

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