Whatever way you contribute, it will be transformed into access to clean water for those who need it most.

Every drop counts

Our main source of financing comes from the sale of products from our online store where 100% of the profits are allotted to our projects of impact. Notwithstanding, The Social Water is a not-for-profit project which allows us to receive donations directly and transform them entirely (*) into access to clean drinking water for the families and schools that need it the most.

You can contribute occasionally in the following ways:

NOTE: All the project’s banking information is under the name Viaja, Disfruta y Ayuda, the not-for-profit association that is the driving force behind The Social Water.

– Bank Account: ES4800730100590505925742, of OpenBank.

– Bizum: 01466 (donations to NGOs are made through 5-digit numbers instead of phone numbers).

– You can also join our Teaming and donate one euro a month.

– Directly by filling out this form:

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(*) For all donations, we integrally allocate the amount that is donated (less any bank charges that may apply), independently of the quantity.

Our Impact

We deliver water purifying filters to the areas that are most affected by the Water Crisis thanks to the people who buy our filters in our social store or collaborate with The Social Water. Drop by drop we bring water (and life) to various corners around the world.

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