WHAT ARE COOKIES? This website uses cookies and/or similar technologies that store and recuperate information when you surf. In general, this technology is used for different purposes, such as, for example, recognizing you as the user, obtaining information regarding your surfing habits, or personalizing the way in which material is presented. The actual use we make of this technology is described below.

In general, when you surf the web, you can accept or refuse cookies from third parties in the configuration options in your internet browser. The web portal that we are own has links to third-party websites, whose privacy policies are unrelated to ours. When accessing these websites you can decide if you accept their privacy policies and their cookies.

What types of cookies are used in our website? We use Analysis Cookies, for the purpose of quantifying the number of users and therefore statistically measure and analyze the use of the services that we offer. That means how many enter, how many buy, and how many are just seeking information.

For more information regarding the use of personal data please read our Privacy Policy.

Who uses the Cookies? We do not share our Cookies with third parties; they are only forour own use.

For how long do we store your information? We store your information during a period of time, and it all depends on what the user is looking for.

If they are only visiting our page to get some information, it will be for 1 year.

If they buy one of our services, the storage of their information shall be for a period of 1 year.

How do I deactivate cookies? It is very easy. To do so you just have to follow the following steps:



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