Colabora con tu ONG

We firmly believe that the power of change will be greater if we work together. 

¿Are you fighting against the Water Crisis?? ¡Let’s do it together!

Our vision is very clear: clean drinking water for everyone. If you agree, we can work together. We urge you to contact our team if your organization is in some way related with one of the following activities:


Implementation of water purifying filters

If you already work with water purifying filters of some sort, we want to be your supplier and offer you a better price. Together we can help many more people.


Projects that are in any way related to any form of water

If you work with rainwater collection systems, wells, fog catchers, or water harvesting, our filters can improve your solution and its impact.


Other projects in which access to water is a critical factor

If your organization identifies new needs but doesn’t have the capability or knowledge to answer them, we can find the solution together.

A few initiatives in which we could work together could be:


Buying large volumes of filters

We have an organized and functional logistics system, therefore, we can offer filters at the best price possible. In this case, your organization would be in charge of distributing them and following up.


Joint action and deployment programs

Let’s put our resources and knowledge together in order to kick off new initiatives that reach more people in a joint and coordinated manner. .

Are you interested in collaborating? In order to evaluate our collaboration, we need to know more about your organization and your needs. Please, review the technical data sheet of the filters to learn about all the details and fill out the Filter Request Form. You can also download our presentation dossier for NGOs or contact us by email in case you have any doubts.

Thank you in advance for what you are already doing.

Our Impact

We deliver water purifying filters to the areas that are most affected by the Water Crisis thanks to the people who buy their filters in our social store Or collaborate with The Social Water. Drop by drop we bring water (and life) to various corners of the world.

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