Become a Water Hero

Collaborate from home or on-site We want many people involved in this project and that it reaches many communities

Collaborate from home or on-site

You can become a Water Hero in the most direct way: by buying products from our online store This way you collaborate directly with our impact projects. But asides from that, we also cooperate with other social welfare project platforms so that you can contribute in other ways. Your contribution would be converted into direct assistance for the families and schools that do not have access to safe drinking water. Your drop counts!

Online Store

By buying one of our products from our online store you collaborate directly with the project. And day after day, you can enjoy the advantages of your filter.


Join our Teaming

Through this platform, you can collaborate by donating just 1€ a month because each drop counts.

Birthday on Facebook

In the days preceding your birthday, start a fundraising campaign on Facebook in favor of The Social Water. There is no better gift.

Online shopping? Use Wapsi

Register on Wapsi through Viaja, Disfruta y Ayuda, and with each one of your purchases online the company will contribute to the project.


Whatever the way you contribute it will be transformed into access to clean water for those who need it most.


Have any ideas? Share them!

We can create campaigns related to sports challenges, and event, or even a trip. Contact us!

Spreading the word is also vital so that the family of Water Heroes can keep growing. Tell everyone about us and share our social networks. And if you really like us, you could even become one of our Water Ambassadors.

On site

Being a Water Hero also means commitment. If you would like to experience firsthand the delivery of the water purifying filters, we also offer occasional collaboration opportunities on-site.

Create an "Add Your Drop"

Organize a project where you will be responsible for raising funds for the filters and you can participate in the delivery. Count on our total support: reduced prices, crowdfunding platform, diffusion in social networks. We will also help with the distribution on-site.


On-Site Volunteering

Help us coordinate the delivery of the filters, the opening of water banks, as well as verifying destinations. You can also participate in fundraising activities with our team. You do not have to make any sort of economic contribution (asides from the cost of your trip).


Do you have any doubts? Download our dossier with all the information:

Our Impact

We deliver water purifying filters to the areas that are most affected by the Water Crisis thanks to the people who buy our filters in our social store or collaborate with The Social Water. Drop by drop we bring water (and life) to various corners around the world.

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