Clean water for schools

We deliver our filters 100% free of charge to educational centers in communities that don’t have access to clean drinking water. 

Education is a treasure. So is water

We firmly understand that schools are spaces rich in opportunities to create a better world. For this reason, we want our project to be present in educational centers. One of our initiatives, “Water for schools
”, has as its goal to facilitate clean drinking water in areas without access to safe drinking water

Our idea is to be able to bring filters to schools in areas that have difficult access to clean drinking water through fundraising initiatives in other schools. Schools helping schools. And what are these initiatives about? We raise awareness among the youngest people about the importance of water and the lack of access in may countries. 

We don’t focus soley on water. We also deal with different social issues that are directly related. We want
students to talk about responsible consumption, improving personal hygiene habits and reduction of plastic use.

Along with raising awareness among children of all ages in the schools, we can organize fundraising activities. Together we can facilitate access to safe drinking water to boys and girls in their schools.  


If you want us to raise awareness among your students about the problems surrounding access to water, contact us so we can organize a workshop either in person or through a video call. We would be thrilled to meet you!

You can find all the information regarding different ways to collaborate in our presentation dossier for Educational Centers. You can also contact us directly by email in case you have any doubts.

Thank your for educating on the importance of water

Our Impact

We deliver water purifying filters to the areas that are most affected by the Water Crisis thanks to people who buy filters in our social store or collaborate with The Social Water. Drop by drop we bring water (and life) to different corners of the world.

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