Collaborate through your comapny

We have already carried out a few of our plans and we have demonstrated that is is a win-win situation for everyone!

Are you trying to improve your social responsibility? ¡Es aquí!

More and more small and large companies are becoming involved in social projects. It has been proven that social impact increases the value of your company. To support this initiative you can do it through donations or other types of collaboration:

By supporting this project economically or by contributing products, services, or specific knowledge, in exchange for publicity, being mentioned in social media, etc.

By contributing economically through your company you can get a fiscal deduction. This can be done occasionally, regularly, as a percentage of your profits, supporting a campaign by match-funding, etc.


Purchasing personalized products to be used as merchandising. All of our products can be personalized with your corporate image so that you can distribute them among your workers and collaborators. All the profits from these products will go towards our impact projects so that we all win.

Joint Campaigns

Creating joint campaigns on raising awareness if we are directly aligned or through the Objectives of Sustainable Development. From The Social Water we work with objectives: 3, 5, 6, 10, 13, 14 y 17.

Community welfare projects through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

If you are in an area with difficult access to clean drinking water, you can buy filters (personalized or not) for the workers or collaborators of your company who don’t have access to safe water. You can count on us for local support for delivery and training.

Occasional collaborations
Regardless of the type of company, we can collaborate on occasional projects in social networks, at Christmas, through raffles, etc. We are open to listening to any type of idea or suggestion.
Endorse a few our our intiatives

You can organize a fundraiser with your workers and collaborators in order to donate to one of our impact projects.

Charitable products
Depending on what your business is, you can create special edition products and donate the profits to one of our projects.
Corporate volunteering
You can support us by temporarily lending us some of your employees for specific projects, either virtually or on-site.
Additional distribution point

You can help us reach more people by offering to be an additional solidary sales point for our filters, either physically or through your online store.

Do you have any ideas for collaborating? We are open to any suggestions. We can adapt our solution to new ideasthat you would like to propose.

Furthermore, if your company is connected to areas without easy access to safe drinking water, we can help you distribute filters. To evaluate the situation, we need to know more about your company and its needs. Please fill out the Filter Request Form. You can also download our presentation dossier for companies, or contact us by email should you have any doubts.

There is a lot of work to be done.Thank your for adding your drop.

Our impact

We deliver water purifying filters to the areas that are greatly affected by the Water Crisis thanks to the people who buy filters in our social store or collaborate with The Social Water. Drop by drop we bring water (and life) to various corners around the world.

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