Become a Water Ambassador

We want to add ambassadors to our project and together we can further our reach and connect with more people. Will you join and help spread the word?

Be the voice of the people without access to safe drinking water

If The Social Water has conquered you and you want to further the reach of our project to help facilitate access to safe drinking water to millions of people who are dealing with the Water Crisis daily, this is your space! Whether you are a person, influencer or company, here are some ways you could help:

Endorse some of our impact projects

You could promote or support a specific campaign designed to launch a social project of your choosing.

Support us spread the word

You can mention The Social Water and/or share our posts in your social networks to help us become better known.

Get yourself a filter and share your opinion.

¿What did you think? Share your experience by writing a review of our filters.

Present our project

You can do it at work, with your colleagues, family members, neighbors, friends, etc. You never know who may want to join in!

Share your ideas

You can suggest joint efforts, such as charitable campaigns, raffles, etc. We are open to listening to any proposal!

And if you are a traveler...

Accompany us as a volunteer in delivering filters, or help us find new destinations without clean water, or help verify others.

Do you think you can help? Fill out a request form to sign up in the Ambassadors programYou can also download our presentation dossier for Ambassadors or contact us by email in case you have any doubts.

And if you by chance know of any place that needs filters, please fill out the Filter Request Form.

Sabes cómo llegar lejos ¡Gracias por aportar tu gota!

Estos son nuestros Embajadores del Agua

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Our Impact

We deliver water purifying filters to areas that are affected by the Water Crisis thanks to the people who buy the filters in our social store or collaborate with The Social Water. Drop by drop we bring water (and life) to different corners around the world.

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